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Miss Hitchen reading The Tin Forest

Hi. Every half term the children have a novel that we read altogether over 6 weeks this Half Term it is The Tin Forest.

Monday 30th March - Conjunctions

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Monday 30th March 2020

QfL: How can we add reason using a conjunction?


Start the lesson by watching the subordinate conjunction video to refresh their knowledge of conjunctions by the end of KS1 children should be confident using and, or, because, so and when in their writing to add reasoning to their sentence. 


Use the PDF to guide the lesson and after you have read through my sentences allow the children to discuss what they think the old man will have wished for and then let the children write their ideas down. 


Year 1 - to write 2 wishes using the conjunctions because and so 


Year 2 - to write 3 wishes using the conjunctions so, as and when. 

QfL: How can I add reason using a conjunction?

Tuesday 31st March 2020

QfL: How can I plan a letter?


Start the lesson by re-reading Franks letter to old man at the Tin Forest. 

Let the children rehear the story of the Tin Forest and ask them to verbally answer the questions 

In order, what has happened since we last spoke to Frank? How did the forest grow? How has the old man’s feelings changed?


Ask the children to plan their own letter back to Frank following the 3 parts why they are writing the letter, action, questions and goodbyes.


Year 1 - to write include conjunctions, adjectives and question marks  in their plan.


Year 2 - to write include conjunctions, expanded noun phrases, commas,  question marks and paragraphs in their plan.

QfL: How can I plan a letter?

Wednesday 1st April 2020

QfL: How can I write a letter?


Recap the three parts of the letter. 

Encourage your children to look at their plan could they use better vocabulary? 

When they are ready, encourage your children to write their letter in their Yellow Book. 

For an address encourage your child to use their own.



At the end of the PDF their is a year group specific checklist.


QfL: How can you write a letter?

Thursday 2nd April 2020

QfL: How can I improve my writing?


Just like last Friday the children have the opportunity to improve their work. 

It is really important that you encourage them to do this independently. 

If I was delivering this in class it would be in small groups and showing them where could be improved and asking the child how they think they could improve it. 

I have attached a PowerPoint to guide you like last Friday :) 


QfL: How can I improve my writing?

Friday 3rd April 2020 

QfL: How can we create a story? 


Today is a fun lesson because I know you have been working extremely hard over the last two weeks.

Today I would like you to write a story about anything you like. 

I would like you to use Purple Mash today - so that I can read all of your lovely stories. 

I have set a task on your ToDo on PurpleMash and the task is called 2do:2Create a Story. You can add images and animations to your stories to make them come alive.


Make sure you save them so that I can read them!


Have a lovely Easter Holiday smiley

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