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Hucknall Flying High Academy

Hucknall Flying High Academy

‘make every day count’



Teacher guidance on your daily task:

Here you can find notes and models to support you with today’s task. 



Spelling task! Have a look at the list of spellings below:













Practice the look, say, cover, write, check task for these spellings. You do not need to print the sheet for this, you can look at the word on your device, say the word, cover your device, write the word and check it.


Then, write a sentence for each word. Ensure you have used the word correctly.


Challenge: Your sentences must start differently every time, perhaps a fronted adverbial? Speech? The choice is yours!



Wednesday and Thursday English

Over the next two days you are going to have a go at writing a newspaper report!

Imagine you are Fred 12 years into the future. You have managed to escape The Lost City and return from Manaus to England. As Fred, you decided to become a journalist and report on all of the adventures you have had, it is now time to write a newspaper report on the Lost City.

Choose the story you are going to report on, will you write about the discovery of the Lost City? Will you report about the Explorer living in the Lost City? Will you make it up to keep your secret to the Explorer?

Use the powerpoint and newspaper template to help you write.



Ensure you edit your writing and check for errors in spelling and grammar. Read your work aloud and pause at the punctuation, this will help you realise if you have included the correct punctuation or not. Can you uplevel your vocabulary too?



For today's task, follow the Pobble365 link below. There are reading activities, creating writing activities and SPAG ideas. This page is updated daily so if you would like to continue an activity, downloading the PDF from the website will be essential.

Tuesday Relative Clause Task

Tuesday English

Your task today is all about relative clauses! These are a type of subordinate clause that add more detail to the sentence. Read through the PDF below and complete the task.


The small girl, who was five years old, played in the garden.


Optional extra:

You are currently a part of history! In years to come, this moment in British and World History will be spoken about for generations. Imagine if your voice and experience could be heard 20, 50... 100 years in the future!


As a child currently experiencing this huge change to society, writing a few sentences in a diary entry will help us all learn in the future.


You don't have to write pages, but, if you have 5 minutes, write a few sentences about your day and how you are feeling. You never know who might end up reading it in the future!


Writing down our thoughts and feelings can also be a very therapeutic way of understanding and appreciating the situation around us. Remember to take care of yourselves! :) 

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