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Picture 1
Picture 1

Friday 3rd April 2020

Creative Writing Task 


Today you can choose from a variety of tasks on the website Pobble! I love the picture - it's a tiger!


You can choose to; 

  • Write the tigers thoughts
  • Use the story starter to write a story about the tiger
  • Do the sentence challenge task about colours
  • Correct the 'sick' sentences
  • Or answers the questions about the picture


Just like last week, you can scroll back through different days to select a picture and a task that you would like to do instead. The Thursday task was called 'Animal Town' and there is another one called 'Queen Bee'. 


You can take your pick! Good luck Harrier class and enjoy!

Activity and teacher guidance on today's task: 

Jacob also made a lovely video but unfortunately, it wouldn't upload!! Technical difficulties! I'm sorry - well done Jacob you did a brilliant job!yes

Lexi singing Charlotte's Song

Still image for this video
Brilliant actions!

Caitlin reading Charlotte's Song

Still image for this video
Well done!

Lily-Bella reading Charlotte's Song

Still image for this video
Super job!

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