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Hucknall Flying High Academy

‘make every day count’


How a day in Nursery looks

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A typical day in Nursery usually involves:



9:00 am - We come into Nursery and hang up our coats, bags and put on our slippers. After this we go and join our friends in our group room, where we practise our name writing. Our teacher then does our register and daily timetable before we explore our sound and number of the week. 


9:15 am - Next, we go and choose what we would like to explore and play with in Nursery. During this time we also get the chance to free flow between our outside and inside environment. 


9:45am - Our teacher will shake the tambourine and we will stop for our first group time. We split into two groups for Phonics and Listening and Attention. 


10:30 am - We stop and go into our group room for our milk and fruit, where we listen to a story read by one of our adults. 


10:40 am - Straight after snack time we have our second group session, where we will again split into two groups for Maths and Maths singing. 


11:00 - 11:45am - We continue to free flow and play with our friends. This is when the grown-ups may lead small groups, which centre around our enquiry.


11:45am - We go to the toilet and wash our hands ready for lunch time. 



12:00 - 1:00pm - We eat our dinner in the school hall with all of the other children and then we get to play outside in our Nursery Playground. 


1:00pm - Lunchtime has now finished and we return to the group room for our afternoon registration. Afterwards, we go back into Nursery to continue exploring and playing alongside our friends.  


1:30pm - Again, our tambourine will be shaken and we must stop for our afternoon group sessions. At this time a group will work on their Social Interaction and the other will participate in Maths Singing. 


1:45pm - We continue to play and free flow within the environment. Further exploration of our enquiry will take place in small groups. 


2:30 pm - Finally, we stop for our final group session of the day, where we all participate in Dough Disco.


2:45pm - To complete our day we will either sing our favourite nursery rhymes or read a story in our reading corner with all of the lights turned off to make our Nursery nice and cosy. 


2:55pm - Lastly, we get our coats and our bags ready for home time at 3:00pm. 


The timings above are approximate and may differ on the day due to our enrichment activities, look out for our enrichment timetable on our homepage.


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