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Hucknall Flying High Academy

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Times Tables Rockstars

This week we will be having a competition boys vs girls I will be sending certificates to the best boys and girls in the class! Lets do this!!

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You can access Times Tables Rockstars online from any electronic handheld devices, laptops and desktops. Every day your teacher will be monitoring the use of your account, setting times tables and checking on your progress. Each week, there will be a new competition for your class. Everyone should have received another copy of their Username and Password in their home learning packs, so that they are able to login.
Year 1

30.03.2020 QfL: How can we compare capacity?

31.03.2020 QfL: How can we count in 10s?

01.04.2020 QfL: How can we make equal groups?

02.04.2020 QfL: How can we add equal groups?

03.04.2020 QfL: How can we make arrays?

Teacher guidance on your daily tutorial: 

Friday 3rd April 2020 


Today we are learning about arrays another step to learning multiplication. Today the children should be using the language array, row and column. 

There is no need to record anything from todays lesson just verbally answering the questions is enough.


However, if you would like an extension you could make your own arrays with items from around the house or by drawing them. 




The Counting by Tens Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden

Count by tens from zero to one hundred with an adventurous dog and an adventurous song! The Counting by Tens song teaches skip counting by 10. Our 2ND CHANNE...

Year 2

30.03.2020 QfL: How can we recognise a third?

31.03.2020 QfL: How can we find a third?

01.04.2020 QfL: What is a unit fraction?

02.04.2020 QfL: What is a non unit fraction?

Teacher guidance on your daily tutorial: 

Friday 3rd April 2020

We have already completed fractions in class for preparation for the SATS so this week should be revision for your child. 


In Year 2 children should be able to identify and recognise a non/ unit fraction. 

i.e 2/3 3/4 1/2 1/4 3/4


Today is a chance for your child to put their understanding to the test! Can they play the games that have been set to them on Purple Mash? 


Each game has levels - I would expect Year 2 to be able to complete the first levels on each game. However, if it is too easy then they are more than welcome to pick the trickier levels. 

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