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Phase 2/3/5 

Even though the Year 1 Phonics Screening has been cancelled this year I still think it is important to ensure that the children recognise all 44+ phonemes. If we were at school the children would be recapping all their phonemes this half term as revision for the Phonics Screening. Over the next 4-5 weeks we will be recapping all of the phonemes the children have been taught from Foundation 2/ Reception. 

The flashcards from this week are the Phase 2 phonemes and the sounds that the children will be recapping are Phase 3 phonemes.

Please do not spend more than 10-15 minutes competing the daily session as this is the normal length of time spent on Phonics at school. It is meant to be short and sweet, any phonemes your child may find difficult you are more than welcome to repeat again.

Just like before the Easter Holidays I have uploaded the weeks phonics programme. 

In addition to these lesson please feel free to use the flashcards and tricky words that have been sent home throughout the day to really embed the phonemes and tricky words. 


Well done you are all doing AMAZINGLY and thank you so much for all your hard work. 


The flashcards at the beginning (phonemes in blue squares) need to be read as quickly as possible. 

The tricky word needs to be attempted independently and then support.

On the slide that says lets write you need to make sure the child cannot see the word and then show them the word after - they love to see if they have written it correctly. 


All work can be recorded in the Yellow Books.




Revision - Phase 5 revision - Week 5

Summer 2 - Week 5 - Phase 5

Phase 6 

Throughout Year 2 the children have been alternate sounds and spellings rules. 


The children should look at PowerPoint on Monday and throughout the rest of the week they should be given time to practice spelling the new words in their Yellow Books.


Well done you are all doing AMAZINGLY and thank you so much for all your hard work. 

Terminology for Phonics


Below I have added 4 videos of me running through 10 different sets of phonemes. You can use them however you wish to support you with your home learning.

Flashcards 1

Flashcards 2

Flashcards 3

Flashcards 4

Phonics Play 

To support your child's phonics learning you can use the Phonics Play website. The children are used to using the website and I am sure they will enjoy showing you their favourite games!


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak this resource is currently free. 


Username: march20

Password: home

Phonics Time Together Reading Videos

Our lovely English Hub Leader has will also be uploading videos to help support you (grown ups) with delivering phonics sessions. 


His videos may not align with the phonemes the children will be learning in our phonics planning but, it will not harm them to recap the sound should you wish to use the videos. 


Please note this should not be used instead of the phonics planning provided but in addition to it or for you to develop your understanding of Phonics. These videos are a suggestion should you want to do extra phonics work with your child and not to be seen as an additional task.


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