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COVID-19 Guidance

The Department for Education have released their guidance on the ‘Full opening of schools’, which was updated on Friday 28th August. This document sets out guidance regarding health advice, school operations, the curriculum, assessment, behaviour and pastoral support. This document can be accessed via the following link:



Jonathan Gribbin, Nottinghamshire’s Director for Public Health has released a short video aimed at parents and carers as we prepare for all children and young people returning to school next week. The clip can be accessed at:




The document below outlines the Local Authorities school travel recommendations for the autumn term:

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents Regarding the Reopening in September 2020


1. Will it be mandatory for my child to attend school in September?

The government have stated that all children must attend school in September. The usual rules on school attendance will apply.


2. What is the advice to parents of children who are shielding or self-isolating?

A small number of children may be unable to attend school in line with public health advice because they are self-isolating, or who have symptoms, or have tested positive for COVID 19.

Shielding advice for children and adults paused on 1st August - subject to a decline in the rates of community transmission of COVID 19.

A few children may be unable to attend school because they are complying with clinical/public health advice, so we ask parents to inform us if this is the case.


3. What happens if there is a suspected case in the school?

The school will be following the relevant guidelines; this will include the individual being tested and then isolating for 10 days, if necessary.

If a child shows symptoms, we will contact parents immediately and the child will be placed in our medical room ready to be collected.

Please make sure all your emergency contact details are up to date.


4. What will be the cleaning arrangements?

The cleaning regime for each classroom will remain, with surfaces being cleaned throughout the day. Children will wash their hands on arrival into school, before and after break and lunchtimes.

The school will be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day and a cleaning log will be kept for each room.


5. How will the school day be organised in September?

All children will be in their whole class bubble, described as our phase bubbles. There will be staggered starts and drop offs, using the two entrances. Please see the plan, accessed via this section of the website, for the details on this. There will be the usual teaching time, morning breaks, lunchtime and the afternoon session. As part of transition, the younger groups may have an afternoon learning break, if the class teacher feels that it will be beneficial.


6. How will lunchtimes be organised?

Children must remain in their class bubble, so they will eat their lunch in their specified zones.

Lunchtimes will be staggered, all classes will have time outside in the playground, and when necessary the playground will be zoned for classes to share the space. 

Lunchtime equipment will be available but will be specific to the bubble using it and will be cleaned after each use.


7. What are the guidelines for social distancing in the classroom?

Wherever possible adults will remain 2 metres apart. Children who are old enough will be encouraged to maintain distance and not touch staff or peers. 

Children can be seated side by side and facing forwards. Classrooms have been cleared of unnecessary furniture. 


8. What preparations has the school made in the event of another lockdown if the R number increases?

As soon as we return to school, children will be regularly using the platforms that supported ‘Home Learning’, this will include making use of the eLearning Classroom facility so that they are used to accessing it if online home learning is needed.

The online home learning offer will include a combination of PowerPoints and some online classroom lessons. The class teachers will be setting homework activities onto online platforms so that parents and children become familiar with this facility.

For families with no access to digital devices, we will prepare paper packs. There are a limited number of laptops available for loan.

I am happy to meet with parents to discuss this offer of support.


9. What preparations is the school making for supporting children who may have fallen behind during school closure?

Class teachers will be carrying out informal assessments through observations and quizzes when we return to establish gaps. They will then plan lessons accordingly.

The DFE have released additional subject specific guidance aimed at supporting teachers in their planning to ensure learning gaps are filled.

If children need additional support, then a small number of interventions may be arranged. We expect that the vast majority of children will catch up and progress well as part of the excellent whole class teaching provision at Hucknall Flying High Academy.


10. Will the curriculum offer change?

We will continue to offer our broad and balanced curriculum, covering all subjects. Singing is not permitted inside, so music and collective worship provision will be adjusted to follow the guidelines.

We will avoid using the hall for PE where possible, so these lessons will be held outside as much as possible.

Teaching time may be prioritised to address significant gaps in pupil’s knowledge, at the discretion of the class teacher.


11. What catch up programmes have been arranged?

Schools will be receiving some additional funding to support children who need it most. When children have returned to school and assessments have been made, we will be in a position to know how best to use this funding. The National Tutoring Programme will be launched to support the pupil premium children with ‘closing the gap’. We are waiting further details of this at present.


12. Will we be offering after school clubs?

It is not mandatory for schools to offer additional after school provision. However, we know how important this additional childcare is to parents, so we have decided to continue to offer our extended provision again, led by Mrs Dempsey. Children will remain in their ‘phase’ group where possible, these will be small consistent groups.


13. Should my child wear a mask in school?

In line with government guidance, staff and children are not required to wear face masks when attending school. If you choose for your child to wear a mask to school, then your child will be responsible for their own mask. Staff at school cannot guarantee that your child will wear their mask at all times, and they will not be able to help children to adjust their masks. If your child gets hurt or is unwell, the adult helping them will put on gloves and a face visor/mask to assist them.



14. Will SATS return in Years 2 and 6 this year?

Yes, the government has said that statutory primary assessments will take place in Summer 2021. The Early Years Foundation Stage Profile, and all existing statutory Key Stage 1 and 2 assessments, should return in 2020 to 2021.


15. Will we be able to come into the school reception area once school returns?

We will not be allowing parents to come onto the school site or in to the school building unless this has previously been agreed and only in exceptional circumstances. Parents are requested to e-mail office@hucknallfha.co.uk or call the school on 0115 7012020 as opposed to presenting in person.


16. Will there be any trips or visits?

We will keep this under review once the term is underway. Currently, there are no visits or trips planned for September.


17. How can I speak to the class teacher if we are social distancing?

Because of the need to get children into school in the morning and in order to supervise their handwashing, it will be only be possible to pass on brief messages at drop-off and pick-up times. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please email office@hucknallfha.co.uk or telephone the school office on 0115 7012020. We will arrange for the teacher to contact you in due course.


18. Will there be a Parents’ Evening in the Autumn? 

As the government is currently advising against gatherings of parents on the school site these meetings will not be taking place in the normal way. Once details have been finalised we will send out further information.


19. Does my child have to wear the school uniform? 

Yes, uniform must be worn along with plain black school shoes. PE days will take place on Tuesdays and children will be asked to come into school in their PE kit and wear it for the day.


20. What should my child bring to school? 

Equipment brought into school must be kept to a minimum. Reading books, pupil organisers, water bottles and packed lunch are the only things that the children will need to bring on a daily basis.



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