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There are two tasks to complete in Science. Choose the task you would like to complete first. 


Task 1: What is a healthy balanced diet? 

Can you design a healthy balanced meal, including a pudding? Click on the document below to see how to research and set out your work: 


Task 2: How can we save water in the home? 

On March 22nd 2020 it was World Water Day. Can you design a poster to put up at home to help your family to remember to conserve water? This means that you only use the water that you need and you don't waste water!


Here is an example poster with lots of facts that you could use!

Here is an example poster with lots of facts that you could use! 1

Think about all the different types of ways that you could present your poster: 

  • Shape your poster like a water droplet, water bottle, a lake, a river... 
  • Cut your poster into the shape of a tap with the facts dripping out of it
  • Create a poster on your computer or hand held device
  • Create a speech to give your family instead of a poster or film yourself and send it to our home learning email address!

Extra Activity: Can you crack the code? 

You can either print the sheet or just crack the code by writing down ideas in your book! It's pretty tricky but I think you can work it out!

Home Science Experiment of the fortnight: 


You will need: 

- oil 

- food colouring

- a glass

- warm water


Make sure you ask a grown up before you try this experiment at home!

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