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Hucknall Flying High Academy

Hucknall Flying High Academy

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Below you will find more pictures of our Nursery class room and further details about our provision and learning zones. These do change regularly to match the children's interests however, we offer plenty of continuous provision for the children to consistently explore and engage with. Within the Nursery we have five key learning zones, which are known as creative, cosy, imagination, investigation and discovery. They cover elements of Maths, Mark Making, Construction, Role Play, Music, Reading and Crafts. 

Welcome to the Imagination Zone! This is where we have our home environment, which the children love to pretend cooking, eating and acting out experiences from home.

Here is the Investigation Zone, where the children problem solve and create with our Maths and Construction resources. The children are always eager to investigate shape, size and composition through our block provision.

Here is our Creative zone! A firm favourite with all of our children, here they get to paint, box model, collage and much more. It's a fantastic area for the children to explore colour mixing, with our hanging colour palettes and creating models using our recycled materials

Welcome to our Cosy Zone, where the children love to cosy up in our Reading tent to share their favourite stories alongside their peers. As well as develop their mark making skills using our portable writing materials and themed pencils, pens and papers. Within our Cosy Zone there is also a Phonics station where the children can explore our phoneme of the week.

Our Discovery Zone, hosts all of our sensory and messy play! The children love moulding, squeezing and squashing the dough before adding a variety of different materials to create whatever takes their interest such as birthday cakes, gingerbread men or often rockets and superheroes. We also have a tuff spot or water tray within our Discovery Zone for the children to explore different sensory and messy play materials such as gloop, sand, soil, shaving foam. These often have items hidden within for the children to dig, scoop and discover to provoke questioning and curiosity.

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