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Poetry Library

Welcome to our Online Poetry Library


Below there will be regular updates of the Nursery staff reading their favourite poems. Share and enjoy these with your child. Children often find poetry difficult to understand therefore, it is key that we expose them to it as often as possible. Use the questions posted below to discuss what the poems tell us. This will help to support your child's understanding and comprehension skills as they are a great tool to use to develop rhythm, rhyme and humour! 

Spaghetti Spaghetti

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Did you hear any words that you can make noises to? (Slurpy, sloshy)
Could you hear any rhymes?

Busy Day

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What is the poem about?
Why did Miss Morris read it fast?
Where might the person in the poem be going?

The Dinosaurs Dinner

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Would you let a dinosaur in to your house for dinner?
Why did the boy’s mummy ask the dinosaur to leave?
What would you be upset about the dinosaur eating in your house?
What happened to the school?
Why did the school need rebuilding?

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