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Talking Time Ideas

Talking Time

During this time, we ask that you reduce all screen time. Switching off the television, I-Pads and Phones. This will enable you to provide a quiet time for your child, which limits all distractions. This time should be spent talking to your child about our daily question or talking prompt, which can be found below. This time could be used as a show and tell, where together you can share pictures or items that are important or special and talk about why.




Get to know your child's interests and thoughts by playing a game of 'Would you rather/ Do you prefer?'  E.g: Would you rather play outside or inside? Encourage them to explain why. Give your own answers, such as "Really... I prefer..... because..." to encourage talking, modelling of language and sentence strucutre. Their responses and answers might surprise you. Swap roles and let your child come up with their own. Together, you might even begin to make these silly or funny. Have fun! 



Today's talking time is all about changing and growing. I want you to find old photographs of you, your child or other family members when you were younger. Spread them out or share them around. Talk to your child about what you/they use to look like, what has changed? Are there any similarities between the pictures? What memories can you or your child recall from the photographs? 


To join in with today's activity, I've added some photographs below of some of the Nursery staff when they were younger. Can your child work out who is who? What do they think about the photographs?

Who is who?



Today, pull out a cardboard box. Talk to your child about what it is. Is it just a box? or could it be much more? Together, discuss what it could be; what could they turn it into using their imagination? Share the story below with them to prompt their thoughts and to get them thinking and talking.


(Apologies, I left my copy of the book at school, I'm sorry its not me reading it.) 

Not A Box

A box is just a box...unless it's not a box. From mountain to rocket ship, a small rabbit shows that a box will go as far as the imagination allows. Antoinet...



Jar of dreams - What are you looking forward to doing in the future?



Today, take your child outside into the garden, lie down on the grass and look up at the clouds. What shapes and pictures do they form? What can your child see? Discuss how the clouds move, change shape and form. Talk about how sometimes we have to use our imagination to see things and just like magic they appear!


Fingers crossed that the clouds are out.

Clouds - What shapes can you see in the clouds?


Share the images below with your child and talk to them about why the children are creating the pictures, what the pictures represent and who is in the photographs?

I'm sure your child will be really excited to see their friends and what they are busy doing. This is a great opportunity to talk to your child about who/what they play with at nursery? and who are their friends?
They may even want to extend their talking time into creating pictures, letters or notes for their friends. Remember to listen to what your child is saying; trying not to interupt or rush this special time together.

Rainbows - Why are we painting them?

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